• XxWIZARDxx


    June 30, 2013 by XxWIZARDxx

    I just joined like today. So I was wondering can you get friends and stuff on here? Also if so can some people friend me? I would love to chat with people. Thank you.

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  • Wxwqz

    Cards you like most !

    January 22, 2013 by Wxwqz

    What is your favorite card and why ?

    Mine is Davy Jones, because it's the real name of David Bowie who is one of my favorite singer with Freddie Mercury...And secondly because his stats are so easy to remember ! 10.000/10.000 !

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    Good Epic Decks ???

    January 5, 2013 by XPGUSXP

    2 Witch Doctors+

    2 Dias De Los Muertos+

    2 Sasquatch+

    2 Boss Nemesis

    2 Davy Jones+

    2 Endra The Fire Bird+

    2 Teddy The Grizlly+

    2 Boss Nemesis

    Witch Is Better 1 or 2 Also anyone know a good deck for Boss??? I always get up to 30+ in boss level but it takes me a lot of brains to kill the boss please comment thx.

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  • The Emperor Dragon


    October 26, 2012 by The Emperor Dragon

    I wanna know, when u get banned, is it true that u wont be able to play the game anymore? Or is it that u get banned from the Zombie Jombie SITE?? Please someone tell me, i am curious.

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  • Matty+DeAnna

    Trade locks

    October 18, 2012 by Matty+DeAnna

    People have been being scammed because of zombie jombie members whom will block/lock the trade so you can not recieve your cards. i would like to know if oit could be a possiblity to fix this?

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  • DinoKev

    This is Halloween

    October 18, 2012 by DinoKev

    Zombie Jombie Wiki is in the spirit of Halloween! Hope you all like the special Halloween background and wordmark I created - bats and pumpkins with jombie eyes.

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  • Dave1972

    hi, i notice that some very strong players with hi level point ( 400 + and 750 + experience) has bad leader cards, one has a Volture (normal card) and other has a an R+ cards (with low attack and low defense points). i don't understand it. I have as leader card my best card (card maxed even if it's R+ card is better than my s card unmaxed). What do you about this? Good play at all

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  • DinoKev

    Hi everyone,

    The wiki is an encyclopedia that everyone can edit, and the trading page is supposed to be a small part of the wiki. Maintaining an informational site is different from maintaining a trading site. In order for someone to be an admin, he/she will have to know how to edit the articles. For this reason the trading page is not usually monitored by the admins and this had led to many problems in the past such as spamming, scamming, personal attacks etc and this has given the wiki a bad reputation. I wish we could promote trustworthy traders as moderators to look after the trade page, but this feature is not available in wikia.

    In order to solve the problems, the marketplace will have to be seperated from Zombie Jombie Wiki. When the …

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  • Supercheezman

    Hey I havent been able to play Zombie jombie for at least 3 weeks now, As soon as i hit start game it freezes on the Starting Game.... sequence

    I have tried waiting closing app, removing app from recently used and deleted and re-installed app. Please Help!

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  • DinoKev

    Bank your Stuff

    August 20, 2012 by DinoKev

    Here're my "bank accounts". Feel free to use them and get organised. =)

    • Tokens CK7UFJ
    • F and F+ cards 3K74FJ
    • R Cards 6K7HFJ
    • R+ Cards LK7FFJ
    • N and N+ Cards XK7LFJ

    Note: The friend codes posted above are "bank accounts" not "gold mines". They are for you to save you tokens and cards. There are no tokens in these accounts so you won't get any tokens by attacking them. See General Tips and Hints#Bank for information on how to bank your items.

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