FBI Agents
FBI Agents
Vital statistics
Start Date April 13, 2012
End Date April 25, 2012
Nemesis Mole
Weak Against Tombies
Event Type Epic Boss Battle
Los Vivos


"Hunt for the FBI Agents by continuing to Quest! The higher the boss level, the greater the reward - defeat the FBI Agents as many times as possible for the best change to find a Super Rare card!"

This is the first Epic Boss Event offered in the game.

Event MissionsEdit

Mission Reward
Log In During The Epic Boss Event 3 Brains


Level HP
1 9999
2 12999
3 14999
4 29999
5 24999
6 34999
7 49999
8 69999
9 89999
10 89999

Continues to increase indefinitely by 10k HP after level 10.


PvP Events
Jombie Royale

Epic Boss Events
FBI AgentsLos VivosTask Force ZetaZombaywatchScallywags
Water BrigadeBlue MeaniesQueen BeesStudly MeatheadsFBI Agents (Revenge)

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