In Zombie Jombie Wiki, we believe it is WRONG to cheat and scam another player's items by engaging in fraud. Players who are involved in scams should be banned from the game immediately. Therefore this page is dedicated to fight scams and frauds in trading. A list of fraudsters with their details will be listed below. Avoid trading with any of them at all costs and block them in Open Feint.

OF block&report

Block & Report User

To help in getting these scammers banned, you can post warnings on their Open Feint profile to prevent others from being scammed, then scroll to the bottom of the page and select Report User as they have abused their accounts to cheat. You can also inform Gree by clicking {{ #NewWindowLink:}}.

If you have been the victim of a scam, don't suffer in silence. Post a comment below and let the Zombie Jombie Community help you.

Let's work together to make Zombie Jombie Community a safer place.

List of Confirmed Scammers
Friend Code: 62777J
Source/Reported by: Bumpkin13
Updated on 2012-10-01
Friend Code(s): 2Z76A6 - QP79W6 - 3B73F6
Kik name(s): Gerard Flame - GerardFlamers
Wiki name(s): Avengers_zombie
Source/Reported by: IzamaniNL
Updated on 2012-09-12
Friend Code: D37CB6
Source/Reported by: IzamaniNL
Updated on 2012-08-07
Friend Code: 3D7PJJ
Source/Reported by: Zombie Jombie Junkies
Updated on 2012-07-29
Friend Code: KK7K2J
Source/Reported by: Gree Forum
Updated on 2012-06-26
Friend Code: 0V7ZD2
Source/Reported by: Zombie Jombie Junkies
Updated on 2012-05-28
Friend Code: AL7HP2
Source/Reported by: Zombie Jombie Junkies
Friend Code: AF7QY2
Source/Reported by: Gree Forum
Friend Code: 9H7KJ2
Source/Reported by: Bumpkin13
Friend Code: 6M7Z32
Source/Reported by: Bumpkin13
Updated on 2012-05-27

Only friend codes with sufficient evidence to indict the scammers are listed in the confirm list.
If you believe your friend code is published on the list by mistake, please contact an admin immediately.

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