Deck Size BoostEdit

Deck size boost
You can increase the size of your total deck for a fee (increase to 60 cards for 25,000 tokens and 70 cards for 50 Bucks).


Eating a brain replenishes up to 100 Energy and 100 Force. Brains can be purchased in the Shop (1 Brain for 10 Bucks, 3 Brains for 30 Bucks, 5 Brains for 45 Bucks, and 10 Brains for 80 Bucks).


Setting a trap on a gem in your collection gives you an automatic win the next time someone tries to steal that gem. Traps can be won after beating a stage boss or purchased in the Shop (1 Trap for 10 Bucks, 3 Traps for 30 Bucks, 5 Traps for 45 Bucks, and 10 Traps for 80 Bucks).


Premium chest

Premium Mystery Chest

There are two types of chests. The first is the Premium Mystery Chest which costs 30 Bucks each. If you purchase 10 Premium Mystery Chests for 300 Bucks, you get 1 Premium Chest free. This is also known as the Mega Premium Pack. Rare+ and Super Rare Cards are only available in the Premium Mystery Chest. The second is the Mystery Chest. You receive one free Mystery Chest per day. Mystery Chests can also be purchased for 300 Social Points.


Bucks are used to purchase Brains, Traps, and Premium Chests.


No. of Bucks


Cost per Buck

Bucks1 Pouch of Bucks

10 Bucks

$0.99 USD/AUD
£0.69 GBP
€0.79 EUR

$0.099 USD/AUD
£0.069 GBP
€0.079 EUR

Bucks2 Bag of Bucks

51 Bucks

$4.99 USD
$5.49 AUD
£2.99 GBP
€3.99 EUR

$0.0978 USD
$0.1076 AUD
£0.0586 GBP
€0.0782 EUR

Bucks3 Box of Bucks

101 Bucks

$9.99 USD
$10.49 AUD
£6.99 GBP
€7.99 EUR

$0.09891 USD
$0.10386 AUD
£0.06921 GBP
€0.07911 EUR

Bucks4 Chest of Bucks

202 Bucks

$19.99 USD
$20.99 AUD
£13.99 GBP
€15.99 EUR

$0.09896 USD
$0.10391 AUD
£0.06926 GBP
€0.07916 EUR

Bucks5 Trunk of Bucks

505 Bucks

$49.99 USD
$51.99 AUD
£34.99 GBP
€39.99 EUR

$0.09899 USD
$0.10295 AUD
£0.06929 GBP
€0.07919 EUR

Bucks6 Vault of Bucks

1010 Bucks

$99.99 USD
$109.99 AUD
£69.99 GBP
€79.99 EUR

$0.0990 USD
$0.1089 AUD
£0.0693 GBP
€0.0792 EUR

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