Token Numbers: i.e. (Tiger shark) 1 brain/4 tokens

Also Buying Brains!!! for 220K

Trade 0P7GP6

Will Give these For the ammount of brains shown-

1. Great Tortoise (lvl 18) - 3 brains

2.Davy Jones (lvl 1) - 40 brains

3.Midship Jones (lvl11) - 5

4.Tiger Shark - 1

5.Panther (lvl 1) - 2

6.Panther (lvl 1) - 2

7.Burgler+ (lvl 6) - 2

8. Tiger Shark (lvl 12) - 2

9. Great Tortoise (lvl 17)- 2

10. Roman Soldier+- 1 brain

11. Rottweiler - 1 brain

will take 10 brains for the lot or tokens 1.5mil

Trade 0P7GP6

Considering trade for: Great Everett, Alligator, Viking, SAS, Panther, Zeta Serpent, Full Moon Raul, Moon Raul, Moon Raul+ ).

Buying Brains: 150k

Burglar+, Child+, Frankenstein, Great Everett, Alligator, Viking, SAS, Zeta Serpant+, Panther, F, F+, and Brains. Lets trade!

0P7GP6</math>[[Insert formula here]]'''''
 [[Category:Blog posts]]'''''

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