• AkaliJan

    Zombie Sale

    July 11, 2012 by AkaliJan

    Selling some Rare / Rare+ cards cheap:

    All prices are rough estimates and open to negotiation.

    Feel free to ask Q's like atk/def stats!

    Come grab a bargain quick, I'm off out shortly..

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Code: LX7B32

    A pack of N (5) - 20k

    A pack of N+ (5) of Red/Green - 1 brain

    Pack of R Yellow/Green/Red - 4 brains

    Pack of random R - 3 brains


    Fusions - 2 brains a piece!!

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Code LX7B32

    Body Builder x5 - 1 brain

    Pro Wrestler - 1 brain

    Python - 1 brain

    Rottweiler - 1 brain

    Mermaid x2 - 1brain

    Muertos Skeleton…

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  • AkaliJan


    July 11, 2012 by AkaliJan


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