• Babyghost853

    ZJ card give away

    June 13, 2012 by Babyghost853

    There will not be a raffle this week, I need a little time to prepare for the next event, but keep your eyes peeled for the next one.

    This will be done as a raffle, not like those scam raffles I see poping up everywhere now. Entry is free.

    To enter just post your code this blog, you will be given a number based on the order you post in (first reply = 1, second = 2 ect,) a number will be picked using RANDOM.ORG and that person will win the card.


    You must be under lvl 100 to enter.

    You may only enter once.

    When card is sent you have 15 min to accept or the card goes to the next number in line.

    When you recieve the card, just send a trade with 1 token.

    Good Luck.

    winner [Prize: Lvl 9 Witch Doctor].…

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  • Babyghost853

    This guide was a little out dated so I removed the information. Insted you can find a more recent fusion guide here.

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