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  • Bintoug

    Zombie Jumble sale!

    July 9, 2012 by Bintoug

    Selling some Rare / Rare+ cards cheap:

    All prices are rough estimates and open to negotiation.

    Come grab a bargain quick, I'm off out shortly..

    Roman Soldier R+ - lvl 12 - 2 brains

    Crow R+ - lvl 1 - 2 brains

    Shar Pei R+ - lvl 1 - 2 brains

    African Grey Parrot - lvl 1 - 1 brain

    Rollerblader - lvl 10 - 1 brain

    Gila monster - lvl 1 - 1 brain

    Hockey player - lvl 10 - 1 brain

    Hammerhead shark x2 - both lvl 1 - 1 brain

    Chinese crested dog x2 - both lvl 1 - 1 brain

    Hungry George - lvl 1 - 2 brains

    Send trades / offers to N37HQ6

    Also have:

    Samurai - lvl 1 - 14 brains

    Cheers - Bintoug

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  • Bintoug

    I have recently started playing Zombie Jombie initially just because i liked the artwork on the cards but now i would like to build a strong account with strong decks.

    Needless to say (being a Newbie) I started off putting ALL my skill points into Energy so i could do more quests at a time. After searching to find a way to reset my account and start again I learned it just isn't possible. So my stats probably aren't too good at the moment. I've had a good look through this site to see if I can work out whats best but it's all a bit baffling.

    Currently my stats are as follows:

    • Energy: 150
    • Attack Force: 150
    • Defence Force: 135

    With regards to my cards I have: (in order of highest attack)


    • Tiger shark - lvl 10
    • Midshipman Jones - lvl 25
    • Hungry George…
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