For all those who have been with Zombie Jombie Wiki for some time, you will have noticed that we have switched rarity table pages to category pages. The reason is because the rarity pages were meant to be a category pages in the first place, and pages categoried under a category will automatically show up under the category page as a gallery, which I think is nicer and easier to navigate. The data from the tables and individual card pages are now generated from a database with the amazing codes written by RedReaper83, the Manual of Style will be updated soon so that it is easier for the community to update the data.

One of the bad things about category pages is that the comment section is replaced by the old fashion talk page. I know people prefer comment section to talk page, but this feature is not available and I believe with so many individual card pages with comment section, it wouldn't be too much of a problem.

For those who are interested, here are some of the future plans:

  • to have tables for the card types categories
  • a page containing a table with all card details
  • rearrange and add more card database buttons on the mainpage for easier navigation.

For those who like to look at the old tables for references or would like to help updating the card pages, you can find them under Category:Archives.

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