Here's a simple guide I've written for safe trading, some of it are common sense but I'll just put them in.

  1. Use common sense - If a trade seems too good to be true, maybe it is.
  2. Believe in scam alerts – You may have seen others posted scam alerts in forums, Open Feint about scammers or sometimes even a person’s wall is spammed with the word “SCAMMER!!”. These reports are usually true. If you’ve came across and seen alerts about the person you’re currently trading with anywhere, stop the trade immediately unless you are sure about who you are dealing with.
  3. Always ask for collaterals for High Risk Trades – High risk trades include renting a card out, others offering to level up a card for you etc. Always ask for collaterals of equal value or higher when doing high risk trades so that you will be not be left with nothing in case you got scammed.
  4. Try to avoid trading more than 5 cards in a single deal – Some scammers are waiting for you to place all your tokens into one of the two trades, conclude the one with tokens and reject the other. If it can’t be avoided, try to place tokens/cards according to the value of items offered in that particular trade offer.
  5. Check you offered items EVERY TIME before tapping on the accept button – If the trade offer is for 10 brains, make sure it is 10 brains and NOT 10 tokens or traps in the trade offer. Sometimes scammers will want to trick you and scam your cards with that. They may reject and resent trades repeatedly, claiming that there is an error and sneakily change the no. of brains to tokens in hope you overlook and accept the trade.
  6. Take screenshots for deals done on Open Feint - When both you and the trader agreed on a deal, take some screenshots and keep it as a receipt. This is because Open Feint messages can be deleted with just a simple tap and the scammer can block you easily after scamming you. With this evidence, you'll be able to seek help from others and report it to Gree.
  7. Take caution when donating items to people - Some scammers may take advantage of your sympathy by claiming that they got scammed and ask for donations. Always be suspicious and only donate items to those you think are justified.

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