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    Current News

    June 14, 2012 by Fungal Spores

    It's been a while since I've done a blog, because I've been busy and playing the game less. However, I've come to write a quick and short one. This one pertains to some of the current changes that zombie jombie is currently undergoing.

    First I want to start off with how the market is changing. Ever since the introduction of the new experience gain, there has been a steady deflation of tokens occuring. Many cards are going down in token value, not just because there are new and better cards every two weeks, but also because with powerleveling gone less tokens are entering the game. Most new players already stuggled with getting S and S+ missions complete, but now it will become more difficult.

    Some trends in trade that have occured in the las…

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    For this blog I'm going to try and help players decide the best defensive cards for them.

    Now first of all I'm just going to look at rare and rare+ because for the average player pretty much any super rare or super rare+ will be in both their attack and defensive deck since they outclass other cards.

    So, I will be comparing the following cards: Roman Soldier, Burglar+, Great Tortoise, Runner+, Alligator, and Great Egret. (Egyptian, and Tiger are other commonly used defense cards but just don't stand up to the previous 6.) First I will give the cards an overall grade. (R+ are hurt by having a max level of 50 compared to 40 for R.)

    I have grouped together alligator and great egret together below, because of their similarities.

    Roman Soldier (R+)…

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    Fun Facts

    May 19, 2012 by Fungal Spores

    This blog post I'm just going to put some facts, it could be about card info, current news in zombie jombie, or miscelleneous.

    • The sale price of a zombie card is equal to 1/8 of the sum of its max attack and max defense.
    • The sale price of a fusion card is equal to 5/28 of the sum of its max attack and max defense.
    • Both of the special events lasted 12 days.
    • There are 6 Tombie and 6 Bombie rare+ cards and 5 Mombie rare+ cards.
    • There are 18 Tombie and 18 Bombie rare cards and 17 Mombie rare cards.
    • Brains could be bought for about 10k at the beginning of April and now cost about 100k.
    • From all the missions through each city and other special missions (including buying a brain) a player that doesn't buy bucks would recieve 65 brains. (6 more if includ…
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    Now this is certainly a puzzling matter. At first I assumed it would be easy to figure out the amount of experience required to level. I glanced at a couple of levels in particular 97,98, and 99. The respective experiences required for the level were 5860, 5979, and 6099. So I thought perhaps it's very simple 97 to 98 increased the required experience by 119 and 98 to 99 increased the required experience by 120 and I reasoned that each level might just increase the increase by 1. But this doesn't hold completely and actually fails quite quickly because the experience required from 99 to 100 increases by 122 (not by 121 if it were to follow the pattern).

    Then I tried fitting a function to a level vs experience required plot, but that just tu…

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    Well I was looking at some starting and max stats of the super rares and found something interesting. I noticed that the starting and max stats have a ratio. I started with the Dia de los Muertos now you can see on the page it has starting stats of 3770/4160 and max stats of 5800/6400. Now if we assume there a number you can multiply the starting stats with to get the max stats (and there is a number) you can set up a simple algebraic expression such that 3770*x=5800 solving for x we get 5800/3770= 1.5384615.... So let's see what happens with some when we use this number with some other cards. (Below x=1.5384615...)

    Sasquatch: 4095*x=6300 ; 4160*x=6400

    Full moon raul: 4745*x= 7300 ; 4355*x=6700

    Witch doctor: 3705*x=5700 ; 4095*x=6300

    So basica…

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