This blog post I'm just going to put some facts, it could be about card info, current news in zombie jombie, or miscelleneous.

  • The sale price of a zombie card is equal to 1/8 of the sum of its max attack and max defense.
  • The sale price of a fusion card is equal to 5/28 of the sum of its max attack and max defense.
  • Both of the special events lasted 12 days.
  • There are 6 Tombie and 6 Bombie rare+ cards and 5 Mombie rare+ cards.
  • There are 18 Tombie and 18 Bombie rare cards and 17 Mombie rare cards.
  • Brains could be bought for about 10k at the beginning of April and now cost about 100k.
  • From all the missions through each city and other special missions (including buying a brain) a player that doesn't buy bucks would recieve 65 brains. (6 more if including the 2 log in bonuses for epic events.)
  • Fusion boost cards appear to have no benefit from fusing with same type.
  • The lowest defense stat belongs to Tennis Player (350) (Bombie)
  • The highest defense stat belongs to Sasquatch+ (8900) (Mombie)
  • The lowest attack stat belongs to Chameleon (350) (Bombie)
  • The highest attack stat belongs to Full Moon Raul (9400) (Bombie)
  • With a force of 27, a player can only put 7 super rare+ cards in an Epic Deck.

I just put these together really quick so if there is an error, just leave a comment.

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