• Gunk Man

    GC trading.

    September 29, 2012 by Gunk Man

    Trading ZJ stuff for Guardian Cross stuff.

    Looking for:

    Referrals: Enter my referral FM99688. Then post here informing me of your ZJ code and Name in GC and send me 1 token trade in ZJ (My code: GR7XY6). I will send you 20 brains.

    Cards: If you have good GC cards preferably 5 Star, then post here what you are interested in. I can offer various S+ cards in ZJ or brains.

    Magic Stones: Only if the magic stone is really good will I want to trade for these, I'll offer brains.

    Note for referrals: To complete a referral download and install the game Guardian Cross then enter referral code when option appears.

    Cards I have available for GC cards:

    4- FMR+ maxed

    5- ZS+ maxed

    1- Grommet maxed

    Handful of F/F+

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  • Gunk Man

    Card Collection Images

    July 30, 2012 by Gunk Man

    Update: Newest cards added! (8/4)

    Basically, I just took the images from the wiki and added them to the card collection page, so everyone can see what it will look like for a complete collection. You'll notice there are still two empty spots. One for Football Player+ since there is no image on the wiki and one at the end which I don't know what the card goes there. Now just the one empty spot. Here is the list of all cards :

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  • Gunk Man

    Buying Brains!

    July 16, 2012 by Gunk Man

    Buying brains 400k ea.

    Send them to me at GR7XY6.

    Also will buy F cards at 300k ea and F+ at 1.4 mil ea.

    Prices are set no bartering.


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  • Gunk Man


    Brains = 350k ea

    Traps = 2k ea

    F Cards = 250k ea

    F+ Cards = 1 mil ea

    R Cards = 30k ea

    R+ Cards = 60k ea

    Send any or a combination of the above for tokens!


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