aka Zach

  • I live in COLORADO!
  • I was born on April 11
  • My occupation is student
  • I am M
  • KillaZ

    for sale

    June 6, 2012 by KillaZ


    Have TONS of R / R+ cards to trade. just send your offers. with a coin corresponding to the number on this listing. -- if its card one, send 1 brain and 1 token, or 60,001 tokens --

    if not otherwise specified, card is level 1 and stats are ATK/DEF.

    (1 brain will take any of the following cards... other offers considered)

    1.muertos skeleton 2800/2590

    4.rollerblader -lv5- 2488/3016

    5.rollerblader+ 2660/3150

    6.shar pei 2660/3080

    7.shar pei 2660/3080

    8.rollerblader+ 2940/3481 player -lv10- 3093/2686

    10.rollerblader+ 2940/3481

    11.gladiator 2590/2800

    12.rollerblader -lv8- 2610/3164

    14. crow+ -lv3- 2950/3372

    16.great egret 1890/3710

    17.runner+ 2590/3640

    18. burglar+ 2450/3570

    19.king cobra 2800/2800

    20. roman+ 2870/3500

    21. roman+ 2870/3500

    22. rocker…

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