Lv1 Panther - 2 brains

Lv1 Lion - 1 brain

Lv16 Midshipman Jones+ --- 3 brains

Lv50 Edna The Firechick R+ - 3 brains

Lv20 Hungry George R+ - 3 brains

Lv18 Tiger Shark - 2 brains

Lv1 Roman Soldier - 2 brains

Lv1 Burglar - 1 brain

Lv1 King Cobra - 1 brain

Lv1 Hippie R+ - 2 brains

Lv1 Bald Eagle - 1 brain

Lv1 Gladiator - 1 brain

Lv1 Muertos Skeleton - 1 brain

If you are interested, please leave your code in this thread so that I can send you the trade request. Or you send it to me. My code is AT7NC6

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