I have never blogged before so I am going to try now.

I am stuck at work for 8 hours a day which wouldn't be a problem if I was authorized to have my phone on the complex. But between metal detectors and the xray machine, theres no way I would try to sneak my phone in just to eat up my 3g. But I am sitting here basically itching to play this game. Literally I can't get enough of it! I wish I could have a second account or that there were more games just like this that I could stack and lay between regenerating my energy on the others. (BTW if anyone knows of any games anywhere near like this game please let me know!)

So yesterday I worked a double shift (16 hours) I get in bed around 2am, just to be back up at 630 to come back to work. Not much time for me to play my game... so I do like any addict and play the entire time I am driving to work...(hey i wasnt texting!) I just couldn't help myself. Then luckily yesterday during my 16 hours I found this wiki and it was shockingly not blocked from my work computer.....BIG MISTAKE! So now I fiddle around on this to pass my work day. ( just wish there were more active people to either chat with or comment with me)

I am about an hour and a half away from getting to go home and I wont have any energy points by the time i get home because ill play the whole way home too... I have never been so addicted! I want to level my moonless raul+ up as fast as possible because that seems to be the easiest way to get a S card. Unfortunately the one time I have spent real life money on this game, my wife nearly beat my head in! shes far from a gamer! So with that option out of the picture I am kind of limited in my resources to get good cards. I am not doing that bad though, I am currently lvl 53, have all R/R+ cards, have completed all the collections excluding the one I am on and the ones I have yet to get too (Uncle Sam in DC). I win about 75% of the battles I do because I am picky at who I battle and I try not to ever eat the brains but with the new events I just cant help myself! I am on lvl 10 of this boss battle which isnt impressive to most people but I am happy about it!

Well for a first blog this is not much but considering I am at work and not a blogger.... I am proud of it! IM NO LONGER A BLOG VIRGIN WOOHOO!

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