Ok, So I was ready to give up and just stop doing the event because im sick of blowing through my brains trying to get the F cards. Then I said well it is still fairly low level so let me keep going and I am now glad that I did.

Up until this point I had only recieved 2 F cards from the new event. I don't know why I was expecting more but I just was. I also picked up a couple random low level R cards and to my suprise multiple N+...Wasting brains to get an N+ is garbage!! Well I was looking and the mission said beat level 10 and you get a F card so then I was on a mission! I started doing vegas quests so that I could trigger the event and for the low cards to sell and I started getting some decent cards. My first card I got for beating level 9 was a lion (cant remember if its lion or lion+ but it is a lion regardless). I was pretty alright with that. Then since I had used a brain to beat them I wanted to use my stamina and energy up otherwise I feel like I waste the brain. So as I am questing through DC I get the rare poodle card during the quest! SWEET! free rare to sell. I jump over to battle mode and fight 2 people and win and get the tokens I need to finish the collections! SWEET another free rare card the Pirate!!

At this point I am back in a good mood and enjoying the game and have triggered my level 10 battle. I win with the help of a brain or 2 and get my F+ card and what was my chest card? Panther+ WOW this event is turning out to be alright! Meanwhile I am spending all my toekns and excess cards trying frantically to level up moonless raul+ in time to get my first ( and probably only) S card!! I have a long way to go but still I want it bad, not only for its stats but because it just looks so badass!!

In reading a lot of the friend request posts and such I am seeing there are people who are level 100+ or even 200+ which blows my mind! Here I am almost to level 57 thinking I am doing awesome.... hahahha they have 75 open friend spots...I have like 30 total friend spots! that is insane!! I guess I am going to have to start farming up tokens and selling rares and stuff to buy F cards and brains.... But it also has me wondering what is coming in the NEXT event!! I am excited!

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